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JOE & BIL (Joe Bertolino & Bil Leipold)
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• Diversity Speakers of the Year
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It takes funny, interactive and challenging programs to get today's college students thinking about important "community issues" such as diversity appreciation and homophobia & heterosexism. Yet today's students face an increasingly diverse world where their leadership skills will be put to the test. In Joe & Bil's program, "When the Gays Move Into Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," Joe & Bil explore the realities and human dimensions of living in a world of heterosexual privilege. Drawing from their own lives, their experiences as fraternity men and student affairs professionals, their family experiences, and the dynamics of their own relationship, Joe & Bil present this difficult topic in a non-threatening, humorous way.

"Joe & Bil provided an engaging, humorous and insightful approach to critical issues faced by college students. The challenge of presenting to a group of individuals with a wide range of interests, knowledge, and sensitivity about LGBTQ issues was done with great ease and professionalism and with a style students, faculty and staff appreciated and enjoyed. I highly recommend this program to colleagues."

In their general diversity program, "Dreaming Beyond Technicolor" the pair helps students understand the ultimate goal of diversity and multi-cultural education while giving students (and staff) strategies for embracing others in a diverse campus community.

"The Art of Possibility" What makes a good leader? How does a leader inspire individuals to become motivated team members? More importantly, what motivates you as a leader? Combining humor with interactive exercises, Joe & Bil help students explore and better understand their leadership styles. With this understanding, participants will learn how to communicate effectively with others in order to motivate and inspire them to action!

Whether you are planning a conference, retreat, workshop, educational keynote, residence life training, staff development seminar, orientation, or Greek program, Joe and Bil bring the right attitude and uplifting message to drive tough topics to heart.

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