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• Salsa Magic has taught over 150,000 College students to Latin dance across 48 States at over 450 Univeristies
• Salsa Magic is the #1 College Interactive Latin Dance Party on the College market celebrating 10 Years!
• Salsa Magic combines interaction, Cultural Diversity, music, performances & fun loving lessons to keep your students entertained all night long!

There is only one exciting, Interactive Latin Dance Party on the College Market that will have your students begging for more! Salsa Magic Interactive Latin Dance Party with Lee "El Gringuito" and Kat "La Gata" has performed around the world with a one of a kind college-themed dance party that simply can't be missed. Featured on Fox Television's Ambush Makeover, he has created an affordably priced, unique, interactive show and dance party, which will have you asking the question; why go to a club when you can have it come to your campus? You provide the students and dance floor and leave the rest to Salsa Magic.

You get 3 hours of non-stop entertainment. Students will interact and learn the newest Latin dance moves as they dance with one another as well as the star of the show. After the lessons, Washington D.C.'s own DJ Lee "El Gringuito" will continue the party by lighting up the dance floor and spinning the best in Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaton, Reggae, International, Hip Hop and Top 40. Whatever your flavor, DJ Gringito will have it.

Lee & Kat have won countless awards and have taught well over 150,000 College students to Latin dance in over 48 States, more then anyone in the World! Recently, he has made appearances on Ambush Makeover, FOX Television, NBC, ABC Univision, Telemundo and appeared on the final episode of America's Got Talent. In 2005, he was nominated as Salsa Instructor of the year by his DC peers. In 2006, Lee Lee "El Gringuito" was chosen to represent Latin America at the World Bank International Showcase of Talent seen by thousands in over a hundred countries around the world. In 2007, he taught over 6,000 Microsoft employees to Latin dance at Coors Field in Denver Colorado and was nominated as Novelty Act of the Year by the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities. In 2007, he debuted his first Instructional DVD, which is being called "the most comprehensive beginner Salsa DVD ever made!" 2008 has brought many exciting opportunities including starting the world's first Bachata Meet Up with over 500 members as well as debuting three instructional Bachata DVDs due out in June. This year he was also nominated as Salsa Instructor of the Year as well as Latin DJ of the Year in 2008 for the DC Salsa Awards.

Look what they're saving about Salsa Magic!

“The show was very good. They are energetic and great at getting the audience involved and dancing!”
- Brenda Lewis, Director of the Life and Cultural Center, Florida Southern University

“We have never had this many students at a special events showcase, you guys rock!”
- NACA West Official

"Most attended act of the year. You have to have this act!"
- Lawrence University (WI)

"It's the best act we ever brought to our campus."
- University of Maine (ME)

“The booty shaking contest was the funniest thing I had ever seen."
- Cochise College (AZ)

“If you don’t book this act someone else will. The lights, selection of music and hot salsa, simply can’t be missed. There isn’t anything else like it!”
- North Dakota State University (ND)

Give your students an unforgettable night when they experience Salsa Magic, the ONE AND ONLY College Interactive Latin Dance Party.

Programming Ideas for your Campus

SalsaMagic is the perfect choice for Universities and there are tons of great Programming ideas that have been done by various Universities throughout the country. These are our favorite 10 theme ideas that you can use for your University. Remember SalsaMagic is one of the most flexible acts in the country so whatever theme you want to use SalsaMagic will be ready to create an exciting Latin dance party for your students.

Family Weekend Latin Event
Its so much fun having the mix of students and parents enjoying Latin dancing. Also it works well to showcase families from various Latin countries during that event.

Salsa Making and Tasting
Hire a chef or catering company to bring various types of Salsa for your students to taste. Or to save money just look up some great recipes on-line and make Salsa with your programming board and students that come to the event. You can do a "Best Salsa" award and students will not only have a chance to dance Salsa but taste some too!

Salsa All Night Fundraiser
Find your favorite charity and host a Salsa fundraiser. Donations can be accepted or there could be a cover for the event. Students would have to stay at the event all night. Not only will it be fun but you will raise some money through Salsa for a good cause!

HOT HOT HOT Home Coming
Add a little Latin flavor to your homecoming event by having a tropical theme. SalsaMagic will add fun games and prizes and work with your programming Home Coming theme for the event.

Culture Fair
Have SalsaMagic add the perfect touch to your culture fair or event. The show can be set as an hour segment with lessons and performances. Whether outside or in the busiest area of your student center it will be a hit.

Cultural Diversity Night
Have the event sponsored by your Multicultural department or Latin fraternities and sororities on campus. This can help subsidize the cost of the show as well as giving a great opportunity to work with other groups on campus.

Have a Formal
Having everyone dress up is always a great way to create a successful event. SalsaMagic can implement the schools formal theme creating an amazing night to remember.

Hispanic Heritage Month
September and October are Hispanic heritage month. What a better way to diversify your student bodies experience by bringing out a cultural diversity event students can be excited about.

Salsa Lunch Time Event
Hard to get your students out to events. Have SalsaMagic perform their show during lunch time when students are eating. This works out well for Community colleges and Universities that don't have many students that live on campus. Some students will just watch the dancing others will participate in the lessons. Either way everyone has a great time.

Late Night Event
Most schools do SalsaMagic as a Late Night event where students come out and learn the best in Latin dancing followed by our famous booty shaking contest and the best mix in Latin, Hip Hop Reggae and Top 40 by DJ Gruingito. An educational party that hundreds of Universities in over 45 States have experienced.

Best Novelty Artist Nominee
2009 APCA Campus Programming Awards
Best Novelty Artist Nominee
2007 APCA Campus Programming Awards

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