Mikah Meyer

Mikah Meyer


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  • Founded "Queer For Christ," world's largest LGBT-Christian Young Adult Ministry
  • Named a "Social Media Warrior" by MTV for his LGBT advocacy
  • Lived in a self-converted van (#VanLife) and successfully self-funded this project after putting himself through college

Multiple-World Record traveler, Mikah Meyer, has been featured by Upworthy, NPR, The Today Show, Thrillist, The Guardian and thousands of outlets globally for his epic journeys--including becoming the youngest person to experience all 417 units of the National Park Service. Inspired after losing his road trip-loving father to cancer during his freshman year of college, Mikah uses his record-breaking travel to inspire others to follow their dreams before it’s too late. Named a “Social Media Warrior” by MTV and a "Sexy Travel Guru" and "Emerging Leader in the Outdoor Industry,” Mikah’s background as a professional singer/improv performer allows for a heartfelt and humor-infused message that’s been heard across Europe, Australasia, and in every US state/territory. As an openly gay outdoorsman and openly gay Christian, Mikah offers additional niche talks that use his travels to share a message of inclusion, customized to each audience’s emotional journeys in the above areas.

Accomplish Your Dreams Before It’s Too Late
During finals week of his freshman year in college, Mikah Meyer lost his 58-year-old, travel-loving father to cancer. After 11 years of taking an annual road trip to honor the retirement his dad never got, Mikah launched a once-in-a-lifetime dream in case his own life was cut short. The resulting world record road trip not only made Mikah the youngest person to visit all 417 National Park Service sites, but also the sole person to accomplish the feat in one continuous journey (3 years nonstop). Having paid his own way through college and creatively self-funded this world record project, Mikah shares inspirational and practical ways for students to live their dreams--now. Do you want to travel the world? Own your own business? Design a life that follows your own path? Learn how to make your dreams a reality before it’s too late, because as Mikah learned during his college years, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Your Difference Is Your Strength: a Gay Outdoorsman’s World Record
Have you been told being unique will limit your life opportunities? That being different will impact your ability to get a job, raise a family, or accomplish your dreams? After growing up closeted in Nebraska, Mikah Meyer turned his struggles into triumph by becoming a multiple-world record traveler in an industry that diminished LGBT people. Through the lens of Mikah’s 3-year, nonstop journey to America’s 417 national parks, he shares how it is actually your differences, whether LGBT or other unique traits, that will make you successful. And how no matter who you are, you can grow up to not only be ordinary, but extraordinary.

LGBT & Christian? One World Record Traveler’s Journey
“You can’t be gay and Christian, you have to choose.” Growing up the son of a nationally-recognized minister, Mikah Meyer heard this statement his entire life. Yet after years of traveling the world and studying religion, his journey not only brought him to a place of acceptance for his unique identities, but allowed him to use the platform of his world record national parks project to be a light in the darkness for LGBT Christians around the globe. Through thousands of media features, and speaking at hundreds of churches along his route, Mikah provided a positive example of a gay Christian to people and places who’d never known it possible. Learn how both Mikah’s gay and Christian identities played a vital role in the success of his parks journey, what the Bible/Christianity does (and doesn’t) say about homosexuality, and ask questions about what it means to be someone that so many say can’t exist.

Leading by Example: The Power of Authenticity
“It’s hard to be what you can’t see,” civil rights leader Marian Wright Edelman said to a crowd of 30,000 youth. Except it was not the 1960s; but 2015, and her call for authenticity spoke to our continuing need for leaders that inspire others to blossom. One of the listeners in that crowd, Mikah Meyer, took these words to heart, and through a world record journey to all of America’s 417 National Park Service sites, gained insight into the type of leadership a digital world is craving and how to provide it. Through the lens of his historic road trip, Mikah shares the “Why” of the importance of leadership, the “How” of using one’s unique strengths to bring out the best in others, and the virtues of leadership that aims to serve others.