GameOn eSports

GameOn eSports

Pop-up eSports Tournaments & Free Play!

  • Catered to your students gaming interests and skill level!
  • Both tournament-style and recreational game play available!
  • The fastest-growing activity amongst college students!

Go Where the Students Are
The popularity of video games among college-aged students is undeniable. Sales statistics provided by game manufacturers show the massive number of students that are playing their games daily. If students are gaming against friends while they are in their dorm or apartment, why not encourage community and connection by playing in a cooperative environment on campus?

Forming Communities
We’ve found that by helping students join on-campus esports tournaments or free play, we are seeing student engaging socially. There is a huge community of both male and female students who enjoy gaming and related activities. Instead of students going to their dorm to play video games in isolation, we can get them playing among a community of fellow students. Students playing in eSports events are making friends, learning incredibly valuable skills that will help them in and outside of the classroom, and having fun while doing it.

Learn Valuable Skills
Playing eSports is a cooperative and inclusive activity. Students form teams and create strategies to accomplish their objective. Just like a baseball or soccer team, each player in esports has a role to play. Some students have found an opportunity to thrive as leaders among their esports peers. Other students have discovered their passion for working in a supporting role.

Location: Multiple Locations, USA