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  • Over 300 million views on YouTube of "The Evolution of Dance"
  • Featured on Good Morning America, Tosh.O, Ellen, and Oprah
  • Held the #1 most watched video on YouTube for over 4 years

You may have seen Judson Laipply, creator of the “Evolution of Dance” on Oprah, the Today Show, Ellen, Good Morning America, Extra, or Inside Edition. Or perhaps you were one of over 100 million people who viewed his hilarious Evolution of Dance video – one of the most viewed videos of all time - on youtube.com. This inspirational speaker is a breath of fresh air in a world full of sometimes-stale motivational speakers. Judson’s presentation “Life is Change” is highly motivational, creative and appealing, humorous and thought provoking, lively and enriching while extremely down to earth. Judson has performed at the Emmy’s, hundreds of college orientations, leadership seminars, corporate events, private parties and many NACA regional conferences across the country.


I want my YouTube!
Understanding Gen Y/Millennials and working with them. The most successful companies in the future will be the ones that find a way to inspire and tap into the abilities of the latest generation. A generation who grew up with the technological advances of the 21st and access to a world of information is equipped to help raise companies up if you can figure out how to motivate and work with them. This program discusses traits and tendencies of Millennials such as the Spotlight Effect, Fixed vs. Growth Mindset, the Digital Brain, Hacking mentality, gamification and more. Included are best practices for working with, training, encouraging, supporting, and managing tomorrows workforce.

Life is Change
Socrates once said, "Perfection is constant change." Life is change. Day in and day out the thing that remains constant is change. Judson combines laughter inducing stories with thought-provoking ideas to drive home the point that we are in the constant presence of change. His stories, personal experiences, crowd participation, high energy, and laughter help people recognize how to let go of the things out of their control, and focus their energies on things they can change. Judson's finale, The Evolution Of Dance will leave your audience with an unforgettable message, one which will remind each participant that "Life is Change," and that they have the ultimate control over the outcome.

The Paradoxes of Life
Using life's contradictions and paradoxes, Judson's program reminds the audience of life's delicate balances. At time one may have to do the opposite in order to achieve a desired result, make a change to move forward, fail in order to succeed, forget in order to remember. The more that is learned - the more reality surfaces and we realize how little we really know.


Why I am better than you: Establishing Your Place in Today's Society
Status. What does it mean? How do you achieve it? How do you keep it? Your own value system will determine what you think of as higher status. This workshop will help you see what you value, how those values play out in your everyday life, and how they influence your friends and activities. Is anyone really better than anyone else? If so what makes one person better than the other? All this and more…

Building REAL Leaders
We are in desperate need of quality, authentic, effective REAL leaders in the world today. Leaders who treat people with Respect, Empathy, Appreciation and Love who are in every capacity REAL. Join Judson Laipply for an interactive session that will help you see how and why to the REAL leader your group and community needs.

Selling Sand in the Desert: How to Market and Sell Anything
With the world moving as fast as it does marketing has become the engine that drives business. Selling is an extremely important topic for anything. Whether you are selling a product, a program, a person, or even yourself there are things that can give you the competitive edge. This discussion of branding, tag lining, and triggers will give you a better understanding of marketing and help you to gain an advantage in what you have to sell.

The Intelligence in Emotion
Emotional Intelligence is considered by many to be more of a determining factor in forecasting one¹s success in life than traditional IQ. This session will give you a broad understanding of EQ as well and information on the many subcomponents. We will explore the relationship of emotional intelligence and success and discuss ways to increase your own levels of EQ. Find out what will help you achieve what you desire.

Becoming an "It" Person
Ever have that person in your life that just seems to have it all working? Life just seems to give them everything they want and even when bad things do happen they seem to be able to handle it all in stride. Everyone likes to be around them and people seem to gravitate to them. Are they born with it or is it something you can learn? This session will teach you some basic things that you can do to raise your status in the eyes of people around you. It will give you some small things you can do to make yourself perceived in a higher light. It will help you become an "it" person.

The 5 L's for Living
This program can be used in either workshop setting or as a theme for an entire day, weekend or week long camp. Laugh, Listen, Learn, Live, and Love. They are five simple words that have many definitions and many uses. Alone each of them covers an important aspect of life but together they can be a powerful mantra for living. We will explore the internal and external facet of these words in relations to others and self. Listen to yourself, Laugh with yourself, Learn from yourself, Live for yourself, and Love yourself and the internal explorations of personal power. Once you have a grasp on these areas you can move onto the external areas. Listen to others, Laugh with others, Learn from others, Live for others, and Love all others. These areas lend themselves to multiple ideas concerning leadership and success. Communication, self-exploration, laughter, service leadership, diversity, understanding, motivation, and self-esteem are just a few of the areas that these five L's touch upon.

Customized Workshops
Don't see any workshops that fit right into what you want? Judson can create a program to fit your needs. With over 15 years of workshop experience he has created specialized workshops for just about everything. He can tailor a workshop to help tie in with a special topic or theme to give your conference or training balance.