Paint By Number for Hispanic Heritage Month

Paint By Number for Hispanic Heritage Month (6"x6")

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month By Painting These Icons

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in a unique way by painting these icons! Painting-by-number causes us to slow down and engage in a creative activity that contributes to a sense of calm. When you’re focusing on your steady hand and paint application, your mind can’t swirl with the busyness of the rest of life. Pick up a paint brush and let your worries melt away. Everyone knows how to paint because we’ve been doing it since kindergarten! Paint-by-number is an easy and fun way to unleash your inner artist without the pressure of having to start with a blank canvas. The great thing about paint-by-number is that you get to be creative without having to make any decisions. The color palette is all laid out for you. All you have to do is concentrate on your brush strokes and your steady hand.

What makes these kits unique?
  • Each program includes a mix of up to 5 different designs, including the following icons:
    • Sonia Sotomayor (Supreme Court justice)
    • Cesar Chavez (American labor leader and civil rights activist)
    • Ellen Ochoa (American astronaut and former director of the Johnson Space Center)
    • Frida Kahlo (Mexican artist)
    • Rita Moreno (Puerto Rico-born American actress, dancer, and singer)
  • Each kit includes an artist quality 6"x6" sturdy 100% paper painting board and reusable synthetic sable hair paint brushes
  • Each kit take approximately 2 hours to complete
  • Each kit includes biographical information on the subject of the painting
  • Our high quality acrylic paints are hand-mixed and feature 6 custom colors
  • We use locally sourced components and USA-made materials whenever possible
  • Our kits are responsibly made with minimal, eco-friendly packaging
  • These kits are perfect for the conscious-consumer in need of a creative outlet, relaxation, or self-care
  • Paint By Number producer is philanthropic! 5% of our net profits are donated to various social and eco causes
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