Shut Up Just Relax

Shut Up Just Relax

Silent Headphone Relaxation Event (3 Great Options!)

  • 3 Channels of audio include: Nature Sounds, Relaxtion Music, and Guided Meditation
  • Headphones change color so you know what channel others are listening too
  • Perfect for daytime programs focused on student wellness and relaxation

Unwind the Mind: The Shut Up Relax Headphone Haven
Experience tranquility redefined with Shut Up Just Relax - a headphone journey designed to soothe the academic stress from midterms, finals, or any designated wellness day.

Sonic Serenity: Your Personal Oasis with Shut Up Just Relax
Dive deep into relaxation with three distinct channels of Shut Up Just Relax audio serenades. Choose from immersive guided meditations, serene ambient tunes, or gentle nature sounds like ocean waves against the shore.

Calm in the Chaos: Discover Peace with Shut Up Just Relax
Our packages envelop you in comfort, including our advanced noise-canceling Shut Up Just Relax silent headphones, plush mats, soothing eye masks, massage guns, and more!

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