Shut Up Just Shine

Makes a great add-on to our Shut Up Just Dance Party!

Shut Up Just Shine

Wireless LED Bracelet Party!

  • The biggest names in music, like Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny, are lighting up their events with LED wristbands & so should you!
  • 100-10000 Shine Bracelets for the smallest to the largest campus events. (Bracelets work 1000 meters over 1/2 a mile in space)
  • Nothing for you to set up! Simply DIY with our easy controller or have our Shut Up Just Shine DJ/Tech Light up your event.

Want to Shine?
Shut Up Just Shine offers an immersive connected experience with LED bracelet technology! Selecting your colors or light combinations is as simple as a click, or have our Shut Up Just Shine DJ make your party shine. Tired of the same old DJ, Dance, Sporting or Concert experience? Don’t want to spend time and money on setting up expensive and outdated event lighting? WE HAVE YOUR SOLUTION! With Shut Up Just Shine, you witness an electrifying ambiance bringing your crowd together.

How to Shine!
Each bracelet consists of LEDs controlled by a tiny computer, which syncs light based on the radio frequency signals received. They can be programmed into different groups to procure millions of diverse color patterns within the venue or be synced to the DJ music or live band. Showcase your school's colors, celebrate a pride event, or add a cool color theme.

Why Shine?
With Shut Up Just Shine LED bracelets, everyone feels like a part of the show, turning the crowd into an ocean of mesmerizing visuals. With LED bracelets, you are not just an observer but an integral part of the event. Join us and shine the brightest with Shut Up Just Shine!

Location: Washington, DC