Text Breakers

Text Breakers

Interactive Game Show

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  • Hosted over 200 virtual shows in one year
  • Makes your campus more fun and engaging for students
  • Performed for many Fortune 500 companies

Text Breakers is the ultimate game show experience played live on stage or virtually with audience participation! Teams of contestants test their knowledge of random facts, draw funny sketches, perform improv comedy, and various other games. The audience can play along from their seats by texting their guesses to the host. This allows all the students to be involved and adds to the overall excitement of the event. The games bring students out of their comfort zones and encourage them to engage with one another. Text Breakers is hosted by the quick-witted Steve Silverberg, whose comedic timing and improvisational skills keep the show full of laughter!

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Text Breakers is an energetic, 60-minute text message game show that is fun for everyone competing. The audience also gets involved by texting in suggested answers that that are displayed for everyone to see. Designed to bring students out of their comfort zones, Text Breakers has games based on drawing, improv acting, and so much more. Please take your phones out and get ready to play along with Text Breakers!